The Institute of Neurofeedback and Biofeedback is a treatment and training center.

The school carries out health insurance recognized diploma courses for therapists
The program is divided into: biofeedback, neurofeedback, stress profile, QEEG - quantitative electroencephalogram, brainwave analysis, brain analysis, stress profiling, device specific workshops, psychology, clinical practice, pharmacology, psychopathology of stress disorders (mental, psychic, metabolic) sensory, immunological, physical and chemical / physical) and maximum performance for the most successful customers.

The clinic offers therapies for your health problems
Neurofeedback Therapy / Biofeedback Therapy / Hypnotherapy / Photobiomodulation Therapy / Ozone Therapy / Anti-Aging Therapy
System Sales:
We work with and sell NeXus neurofeedback and biofeedback devices as well as accessories / accessories from BioNeuroTec GmbH and MindMedia B.V.