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 Professional Training program

Due to the variety and complexity of the current NF / BF systems, the diploma course consists of four parts:

1. the general part (modules 1 - 8)
2. the system-specific part (modules 9 - 15). The students work on their own system. The Supervision is integrated into the internships and workshops.
3. the writing of a diploma thesis (1 case over 10 sessions and 2 further cases for 3 sessions)
4. the repetition and diploma examination.

Depending on the requirements and class size, several teachers are available per day for the optimal care of the students.

The diploma course 2019/20 starts on the 4th of May 2017 and ends with the diploma exam on March 3, 2020. Please ask for the detailed training program with the teaching content as well as the registration form 2019/20 from Dr. Eva Otzen


Programme for the Diploma Course in Neuro- and Biofeedback 2017/18 in German-language  in Zurich

04./05.05.2019 Einführung, wissenschaftliche Evidenz, Studienlage und Systemvorführungen
18./19.05.2019 Neuro-Anatomie I und II
15./16.06.2019 Biofeedback I und II
29./30.06.2018 Techniktag und Grundlagen des EEG
14./15.09.2019 Einführung in das traditionelle klassisches NF (Frequenzbandtraining)
28./29.09.2019 Systemspezifische Workshops
26./27.10.2019 Hämo-Enzephalographie (HEG) und Praxisführung
09./10.11.2019 NF-Indikationen und Pharmakologie
23./24.11.2019 Psychologie/ Pathologie und Repetitorium
70.03.2020 Diplom-Prüfung und -Feier


Prgramme for the Diploma Course in Neuro- and Biofeedback 2017/18 in French-language in Blonay (Lausanne area)

11.01.2019 Introduction: Présentation d’ensemble des systèmes actuels et bases et preuves scientifiques
12.01.2019 Neuro-Anatomie I
25.01.2019 Fonctionnement et indications de Bio- et Neurofeedback
26.01.2019 Biofeedback Theorie et Partie Technique
08.02.2019 Biofeedback Stress Profiling Partie I
09.02.2019 Neuro-Anatomie II
08.03.2019 Biofeedback Stress Profiling II
09.03.2019 Hémoencephalographie
05.04.2019 Neurofeedback Théorie / Fonctionnement de l’EEG
06.04.2019 Neurofeedback Diagnostique (QEEG et Questionnaires)
10.05.2019 Neurofeedback Diagnostique (QEEG et Questionnaires)
11.05.2019 Protocols de Neurofeedback état d'éveil (entraînements Lo-Beta et SMR monopolaires)
24.05.2019 Protocols de Neurofeedback état d'éveil (entraînements bipolaires)
25.05.2019 Protocols de Neurofeedback état de relaxation profonde (entraînements Alpha et Alpha-Theta)
06.09.2019 Gestion d´un cabinet
07.09.2019 Psychologie
21.09.2018 Pharmacologie
22.09.2019 Cours de répétition
06.12.2019 Examen de Diplôme / Remise des Diplômes 






Only a limited number of places are available. Early application and enrolment is recommended.

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