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 Professional Training for certified and advanced NF-/BF-Therapists



The Institute offers Professional Neuro- and Biofeedback training courses, lectures and workshops in English, French and German for certified and advanced therapists in compliance with regulations of Swiss Natural Medicine Health Insurance Companies on state of the art neuro- and biofeedback Systems. Some courses are also open to beginners.



NEW !!!

BIOFEEDBACK INTRDUCTORY COURSE 11.-15. December 2018 in Muscat/ Sultanate of Oman

Beginners and advanced therapists can now register for the Biofeedback Introductory Course 2018 (40h) in Muscat/ Sultanate of Oman (close to Airport Convention Center) organized and directed by the Institute for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback AG in accordance with the guidelines of the Swiss Foundation ASCA, EMR and NOS

The Institute will instruct the student in the course programme listed below:

Day 1: Biofeedback: Concepts and Definitions

History, Research, Scientific Evidence and Indications

Hardware and System Demonstrations

Day 2: Psychophysiology and Central Nervous System: Stress, Relaxation

Anatomy: Skeletal Muscles, Cardiovascular, Electrodermal, Body-Temperature, Respiration, Pain

Day 3: Parameters: Electromyogram, Cardiovascular, Electrodermal, Respiration and Temperature

Day 4: Applications: Musculoskeletal, Neuromuscular, Cardiovascular, Pain,

Autonomic, Respiration, Central Nervous System

Day 5: Repetition / Exam /Certificates

The tariff / course fee for the Biofeedback Introductory course 2018 is CHF 5000, -. The full amount is due and payable immediately. The course fee of CHF 5000,- includes all course modules in group lessons, detailed seminar materials, snacks, a repetition course, the exam and certificate.

enrollment and details:
bei Eva Otzen oder 0041 78 714 14 15

Registration deadline: 21 days before the start of the course

Minimum number of participants / group course: 6 people

Further individual training, small group lessons, in-house training in your clinic, preparation for BCIA tests or QEEG Certification Board master classes, supervision and practical training / internships, mentoring, technical support / advice on NF / BF research projects on request

If an event can not take place due to insufficient number of participants, most of the courses can also be completed in the form of individual or small group lessons. Venue / details and costs have to be discussed with Eva Otzen beforehand.



Autumn 2019 Nika Pusenjak, sport psychologist, neuropsychologist, and President of Disciplinary Board of Slovenian Olympic Committe will teach ''Peak Performance for Top Athletes. The program includes the following topics:
Basic of Sport Psychology
Sport Psychology techniques and questionnaries
Conceptual principles in Peak Performance Applied Psychophysiology
Psychophysiological Assessment and Training
Research in Peak Performance (NF in BF)
Our practical Training and Assessment for TOP athletes
Road to Rio in Shooting (our Olympic athlete): The Zone, Routine, Rhythm, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Hypnosis etc. all in combination with BF and NF

cost: CHF 880,- for the 2 days, snacks, drinks and detailed course material included
place: CH-1807 Blonay/ Switzerland
time: 9h00-12h00 und 13h00-17h00
we can help you to find a hotel or B&B at reasonable prices
enrollment: or +41787141415




Dr. Nika Pusenjak prepares Slovenien Top Athletes for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016


Biofeedback Master Class for the successful treatment of essential hypertension
Date: 17.11.2018
Instructor: Danielle Matto (Psychologist and Biofeedback Therapist)
Place: Blonay
Cost: CHF 440,- for 1 day / 8h snacks, drinks and detailed course material included
Time: 9h15-17h00
Language: English
Biofeedback for the treatment of essential hypertension. This Master Class concerns all you need to know to successfully treat essential hypertension patients with biofeedback.


HRV Biofeedback Workshop for BCIA HRV Certificate of Completion
Date: spring/ summer 2019
Instructor: Danielle Matto (Psychologist and Biofeedback Therapist)
Cost: CHF 880,-  for 2 days/ 16h snacks, drinks and detailed course material included
Time 9h15-17h00
Language: English
In recent years there has been substantial support for heart rate variability biofeedback (HRVB) as a treatment for a variety of disorders and for performance enhancement (Gevirtz, 2013). HRVB is efficacious for anxiety (Moss, 2016), depression (Shaffer & Zerr,2016), hypertension (McGrady, 2016), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Stern et al., 2016), chronic muscle pain and asthma (Lehrer, 2016). This workshop is designed for therapists interested in utilizing HRV Biofeedback in their practice. It will cover all 15 hours of the BCIA HRV Biofeedback Certificate of Completion Blueprint: anatomy and physiology of the heart, respiratory system and autonomic nervous system, heart rate variability (HRV), HRV instrumentation, HRV measurements, HRV biofeedback training strategies and HRV biofeedback applications. Theory is combined with practicing using HRV instrumentation.

Spring/ Summer 2019  Biofeedback Therapist and Psychologist, Danielle Matto, teaches the course ''Treating hyper-excitability and sleep problems with biofeedback and brain training''

Program: The first day of this workshop is about the treatment of hyper-excitability, an excessive reaction to stimuli. Underlying hyper excitability is a state of hyper arousal, which can be caused by stress, anxiety or trauma. The hyper arousal is visible in the brain and in the autonomic nervous system. Treatment of hyper excitability therefore is all about calming the brain and autonomic nervous system. Suitable treatment protocols are skin conductance down training, heart coherence training and Audio Visual Entrainment, a form of brain training. In addition the workshop also pays attention to behavioural advice and bio-energetic exercises for protection against stimuli overload.

The second day of the workshop is about the treatment of sleep problems, caused by an overactive brain or by a hyper aroused autonomic nervous system. You will learn about sleep physiology and diagnostics. A multimodal approach is necessary in the treatment of sleep problems, including psycho-education about sleep hygiene, stress reduction, physical exercise, relaxation and cognitive behavioural advice. In addition biofeedback can help the client to reach a more relaxed state. by teaching hand warming and calm breathing. Brain training can help the client to reach the optimal state for sleeping. Possibilities are: SMR and theta training with neurofeedback, binaural beats or Audio Visual Entrainment.


•cost: CHF 880,- for the 2 days, snacks, drinks and detailed course material included
•place: CH-1807 Blonay/ Switzerland
•time: 9h00-12h00 und 13h00-17h00
•we can help you to find a hotel or B&B at reasonable prices

Deep States Meditation and State Regulation during Alpha-Theta-Training

Instructor: Mary Tracy (NF/BF therapist, PhD Psychophysiologist)
Date: Autumn/ Winter 2019
Place: Blonay
Cost and Duration: CHF 440,- for 8h (1 day), snacks, drinks and detailed course materials included
Time: 9h15-17h00
Language: English

This course starts with a didactic presentation on deep states, state regulation of EEG and how different states can be quantified This hands-on-workshop trains the participants on how to measure total alpha and total theta amplitudes and the degree of Alpha-Theta crossover in a baseline, eyes-closed recording with the Nexus-10. Part B would be teaching deep state meditation, assisted with Alpha-Theta-training. These Alpha-Theta metrics during meditation will be compared with the baseline measurements. Finally, the participants will record during meditation, and then have the students rouse themselves internally, continuing with eyes-closed conditions, while performing a silent math problem for 5-10 min to see if they could produce some degree of alpha suppression, with low beta replacement in the EEG. The idea would be to actually experience state regulation under eyes-closed conditions, alternating between alpha and low beta states.


autumn 2019: QEEG-Kurs according to the standards of BCIA and the QEEG Certification Board
This 5 day QEEG-course with John S. Anderson from STENS Biofeedback Corp./ USA. will be held in english language. It will take place in CH-1807 Blonay/ Switzerland

enrollment and details:
bei Eva Otzen or +41787141415



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