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 Professional Training program

Due to the variety and complexity of the current NF / BF systems, the diploma course consists of four parts:

1. the general part (modules 1 - 8)
2. the system-specific part (modules 9 - 15). The students work on their own system. The Supervision is integrated into the internships and workshops.
3. the writing of a diploma thesis (1 case over 10 sessions and 2 further cases for 3 sessions)
4. the repetition and diploma examination.

Depending on the requirements and class size, several teachers are available per day for the optimal care of the students.

The diploma course 2017/18 starts on the 6th of May 2017 and ends with the diploma exam on March 3, 2018. Please ask for the detailed training program with the teaching content as well as the registration form 2017/18 from Dr. Eva Otzen

Course data for the Diploma Course in Neuro- and Biofeedback 2017/18 in German-language
06./07.05.2017 Introduction, scientific evidence and system demonstrations
20/21 May 2017 Neuro-Anatomy I and II
17/18/06/2017 Biofeedback I and II
01./02.07.2017 Technological day, instrumentation and the foundations of the EEG
23./24.09.2017 Introduction to the traditional classical NF (frequency band training)
28./29.10.2017 System-specific workshops
11./12.11.2017 Hemo encephalography (HEG) and practice management
25./26.11.2017 NF indications and pharmacology
09./10.12.2017 Psychology / pathology and repetition for exam
3.03.2018 Diploma Exam and Celebration

Only a limited number of places are available. Early application and enrolment is recommended.

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